4 Myths about Online Reputation Management

According to Hosting Tribunal research, 72% of consumers prefer to read reviews before making a buying decision. Online review management includes monitoring, analyzing, responding to, and generating positive reviews across multiple websites to support marketing and, ultimately, overall business performance.

Here we tell you the facts behind four common myths about online reputation management:

Deleting negative online reviews will solve the problem

Customers prefer responsive businesses. Make a habit of responding to both negative and positive reviews. It’s even better if you personalize each response to appreciate customers and make them feel involved. When addressing negative reviews, be compassionate, and show customers that your organization cares about them. 44.6% of customers are more likely to visit a local business if it acknowledges negative reviews.

Reviews are not a part of the advertising strategy

Review management works with your overall advertising strategy by inspiring confidence in the clients who discover your business online. Managing reviews on your site, Facebook Business Page, ads, and other online media will have a substantial impact on your traffic.

You can’t ask for reviews

Don’t expect reviews to generate organically over time; you need to make some effort to earn them. Even when your business is new, there are many ways to encourage your consumers to leave a review. Emailing after a purchase, SMS, customer surveys, reviewing landing pages, and reviewing automation software are a few strategies you can employ. Incentivized reviews are best avoided, however.

Reputation and customer service are separate

For a profitable marketing strategy, customer service and reputation management must work hand in hand. Failure to understand this creates a wealth of problems and impedes cross-department collaboration. Without impeccable customer service, you cannot keep the avalanche of negative comments and reviews at bay.

About Prescriptive Marketing

A survey on online reviews concluded that 94% of customers dodged a business because of negative reviews. Hence, no matter the size of your business, its online reviews will have a direct bearing on your sales and reputation.

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